Jul 29, 2009

Sarawak Rivers Board

Sarawak Rivers Board (SRB) or locally known as Lembaga Sungai Sungai Sarawak (LSSB) the care taker of Sarawak Rivers is seriously lagging in dissemination of information to the public. Fortunately, the information I referred to is non critical but related to the recent activities held at Sarawak River, namely the Sarawak Regatta as well as the Sarawak River Night Floats.

If you have Googled for "Sarawak Rivers Board" home page and instead landed in this blog, you should be heading to their home page at http://www.srb.sarawak.gov.my/Home_page.htm. Oh yeah, forget about srb.com.my (their webmaster forgot to redirect the page to srb.sarawak.gov.my).

Up until July 27, 2009, there is no information on the mentioned events which were very important considering that the events was held to mark the opening of the new Sarawak State Legislative Building (DUN) and the sitting of the Malaysian Rulers Conference.

SRB (or LSSB) was the organizing body for the two big events that warrants more publicity to the local public as well as international audience. It is necessary for them to update their website with the upcoming events considering that the participants from various government bodies spent thousand of ringgit decorating their floats or training their regatta teams.

See the image on the right. Their last update on the website was on March 2009. Based on Google result page, their official website is positioned on the lower part of the first page. Let's see if this post can hijacked that position.

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