Apr 15, 2008

Tropical furry caterpillar - Series #6

This is the sixth post on tropical caterpillar, i.e. furry orangey caterpillar.

Furry caterpillar doing a balancing act

Furry caterpillar on a banana leave

Furry caterpillar exploring new territory

YouTube Live

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Urso Branco April 26, 2008 at 8:44 PM  

Great Caterpillar pics!!! We have one that lives in Areca BambĂș here in Brasil. They reproduce frequently and they are really dangerous. They call them fire worm because they have a burning sting.

One landed on me and I flicked it off with my finger. My finger hurt for a week. Another hit one of our dogs. It suffered terribly for a couple weeks.

Read about Cigarra in Brasil at my blog http://brasilcigarra.blogspot.com/

Urso Branco

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