Jan 1, 2010

Photo of Siar Beach Resort

Photo of Siar Beach, next to the Siar Beach Resort Lundu which is about one hour drive from Kuching.

siar beach resort lundu
Beach view facing a mountain shrouded with morning mists.

siar beach resort lundu
Siar beach at low tide.

siar beach resort lundu
Fresh water from the mountain flowing unto the beach at low tide.

siar beach resort lundu
A distance view of the mountain from Siar Beach.

siar beach resort lundu
The sea at the far end of the beach.

About Siar Beach Resort.

Siar Beach Resort occupies a secluded, peaceful and tranquility beach front with self contained bungalows units and basic facilities. Unfortunately, there is no white sand but sandy and muddy beach. Link to Siar Beach Resort home page.

Be sure to bring enough drinking water because when I stayed there, water supply (which is from the mountain source) was cut off during the night during a heavy storm. I suppose water supply is not an issue during fine weather. Bring your food rations as well as unless you prepared to drive back to Lundu town for a meal.

As for the beach, probably a one-star rating due to the fact that the main sea water body is far from the beach (approximately 500 meters away during low tide) in addition to the unsightly debris. And I cut my toe when I accidentally kick a submerged rock which was unseen due to the murky water.

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