Jul 31, 2009

Borneo Frogmouth Owl

Photo of mysterious tropical Borneo Bird. The bird is probably a family of falcon, eagle or the Borneon Bristlehead. The bird for unknown reason build a nest on a jackfruit branch which is expose to the weather element .

* Responses from my Flickr gallery confirmed that this bird is a juvenile FrogMouth Owl (or Bornean Frogmouth - Batrachostomus mixtus).

Video clip of the mysterious bird

Lucky Bird

My mum informed me that she spotted this bird and try to explain that is look like an OWL but not exactly an owl. This mysterious bird is definitely not an owl. Anyway, after taking a few shots of the bird, I buy some 4Digit lottery on the number 0310 (imagine O=0, W=3, L=1 and a 0) and it strike first prize ! yay ! Enough prize money to buy a few units of DSLR or smartphones.

So now it's time to pamper myself. Should I treat myself with a new unit of NIKON D90, a BlackBerry or purchase another 1,000 Gaharu seedlings?

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Jul 29, 2009

Sarawak Rivers Board

Sarawak Rivers Board (SRB) or locally known as Lembaga Sungai Sungai Sarawak (LSSB) the care taker of Sarawak Rivers is seriously lagging in dissemination of information to the public. Fortunately, the information I referred to is non critical but related to the recent activities held at Sarawak River, namely the Sarawak Regatta as well as the Sarawak River Night Floats.

If you have Googled for "Sarawak Rivers Board" home page and instead landed in this blog, you should be heading to their home page at http://www.srb.sarawak.gov.my/Home_page.htm. Oh yeah, forget about srb.com.my (their webmaster forgot to redirect the page to srb.sarawak.gov.my).

Up until July 27, 2009, there is no information on the mentioned events which were very important considering that the events was held to mark the opening of the new Sarawak State Legislative Building (DUN) and the sitting of the Malaysian Rulers Conference.

SRB (or LSSB) was the organizing body for the two big events that warrants more publicity to the local public as well as international audience. It is necessary for them to update their website with the upcoming events considering that the participants from various government bodies spent thousand of ringgit decorating their floats or training their regatta teams.

See the image on the right. Their last update on the website was on March 2009. Based on Google result page, their official website is positioned on the lower part of the first page. Let's see if this post can hijacked that position.

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Jul 28, 2009

Fireworks during Sarawak DUN Complex opening

Photo of fireworks during the opening of new Sarawak DUN Complex. The fireworks display was the finale after the end of procession by various kind of decorative boat float.

A cute float from Kuching Port Authority, which graced the front page of Borneo Post.

Sarawak DUN FireWork - Photo by smilephotowork.blogspot.com

Sarawak DUN Fireworks - Photo by smilephotowork.blogspot.com

Video clip of the fireworks display during the opening ceremony of the new Sarawak DUN.

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Jul 26, 2009

Sarawak Regatta 2009

Sarawak River Regatta 2009 will be held on Monday July 2009. On the same day, the new Sarawak DUN complex will convene it first state assembly meeting followed by the Sarawak River Float to be held in the evening.

More photos will be uploaded after the event.

This Sarawak Regatta 2009 was organized by the Sarawak Rivers Board.

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Jul 25, 2009

Sarawak River Float 2009

Sarawak River Float 2009 will be organized on July 27, 2009 to commemorate the official opening of the new Sarawak DUN Building by the Agung and in conjunction with the sitting of Malaysia Ruler's Conference in Kuching.

The River Float will starts from the Toll Bridge (Tun Sallehuddin Bridge at Tanah Puteh) passing the new DUN Building and the Astana. The best viewing point will be from the Kuching Waterfront. Be there before 8pm on the 27th of July 2009.

Various organizations will participate in the events, including Kuching Port Authority, ASSAR, Sarawak Energy (SESCO), Samling Group. Naim Cendera.

Float from Sarawak Energy (SESCO). Their theme is of course, electricity power grid in addition to the alternative energy, i.e. wind power (turbine). On the side of the boat is an Iban motif.

Float from the ASSAR group. The float motto is "Sarawak's Premier Oil, Gas & Chemical Integrator Corporation". On their boat, you can see gas tank, laboratory tubes, and oil tanks.

Float from Kuching Port Authority. At the bow of the boat is decorative hornbill head, hornbill wings at side of the boat and at the stern, a cat (which represents Kuching).

Float from Naim Cendera promoting their housing product Naim Homes. Photo from PhotoBorneo.com

Photos to be uploaded soon.

About Sarawak

The Sarawak River or Sungai Sarawak is a river in Sarawak state of Malaysia. It is an important source of water and transportation for the inhabitants in southwestern Sarawak. It is also used in water-related sport activities such as the annual Sarawak Regatta which attract tourists from all over the world.

The Astana, the official residence of the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak, Governor of Sarawak, is located on the north bank of the river.

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Jul 24, 2009

Photo of Sarawak DUN Building

Photo of Sarawak new Dewan Undangan Negri (DUN) Building (Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Hall), the latest landmark in Kuching.

The new Sarawak DUN Building is costing the state government about RM296.5 million.

Entrance to Sarawak DUN Complex ~ BinaPuri

The majestic Sarawak DUN complex ~ BinaPuri

Atrium of Sarawak DUN ~ BinaPuri

Sarawak DUN Chamber ~ BinaPuri

Construction of Sarawak DUN Complex - CMSB

Night shot of Sarawak DUN Complex.

The new Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building. Photo by Rafiq Mirza

Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Sarawak. Photo by canonreflex

Sarawak Parliament. Photo by Asif Imtiaz

Perahu Tambang. Showcasing the old and the ultra modern. Photo by famptoP

DUN under the bright blue sky. Photo by framptoP

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Jul 19, 2009

Night Photography Without Flash

Finally: a flash camera without all the usual problems, especially for night photography. By using a flashbulb that emits ultraviolet and infrared light (neither of which the human eye can detect) instead of visible light, New York University's Dilip Krishnan and Rob Fergus have come up with dark photography that will neither blind your subject nor produce the unwanted glare of a harsh flash in the developed photo.

Dark photography uses a camera that takes photos with an invisible flash of infrared and ultraviolet light points to a smarter way to take photos in the dark.

On their own, IR and UV exposures produce photos that have strange, unrealistic coloring. But Krishnan and Fergus have taken care of that as well. Their system processes IR and UV exposures into true color, by combining two photos taken in quick succession into a superior final image.

Their camera first takes a photo with an IR/UV flash, which produces an image that has clearly illuminated detail, but the wrong color palette. Following this first shot, the camera immediately takes a second shot with no flash; this one gives the camera the right coloring, but, without enough illumination, has a grainy, blurry look. Finally, Krishnan and Fergus's software merges the two photos into an image that has both fine detail and correct hues.

Jul 10, 2009

Moth on a tropical red ginger plant

Photo of a brown moth on a tropical red ginger plant.

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Jul 3, 2009

Spider with missing limbs

Photo of a tropical spider with missing limbs.

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