Apr 8, 2009

Animal Oddity - Two-nosed Bunny

A Connecticut pet shop worker found the two-nosed bunny in a delivery of 6-week-old dwarf rabbits that arrived at the Milford store last week, according to The Associated Press. Both noses have two nostrils. The bunny eats, drinks and hops around just like the other bunnies in the litter. Gregg Dancho, director of the state's Beardsley Zoo, told The Associated Press that the deformity could be the result of too much inbreeding or the parents' exposure to pesticides or poisons. Workers at the pet store have started a naming contest for the bunny. Cyrano de Bergerac and Deuce are in the running so far. In this photo, Iris Bergeron, an employee of Purr-Fect Pets, holds the bunny, March 31, 2009.
(Brian A. Pounds/The Connecticut Post/AP Photo)

Bunny Born With Two Noses

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