Mar 3, 2009

Bidayuh Pesta Birumuh - Weeding - Ngebu

Within a month or two, from shootlets, the padi grow stronger and taller and produce longer leave blades. The problem is that, when padi grow, so does the weeds and foreign grasses. This is because while the padi are still short, there are much opening or space between the cluster of padi for the grass to grow.

The padi farmer need to upkeep the land to prevent the weeds and grasses from stunning the padi growth. For a few weeks, the womenfolk will do the weeding to pull out those weeds and grass.

Another back breaking jobs for the womenfolk. Weeding or "Ngebu" is usually done once since after that, the padi would grower taller and compacted and leave little space in between them for any grass to grow.

Padi intersperse with other short-term crops such as maize (corn), pumpkin, highland tomatoes (Terong Dayak) and Sawi Dayak. These short-term crops were planted just after the padi planting occasion. Remember the nuruk session.

Fields of padi and weeds. Notice the weeds between the padi clusters. Those weeds need to be remove by hand to prevent the weeds from absorbing the nutrients from the grow and leave little nutrient for the padi.

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