Oct 27, 2008

Wild sex - Mating orange bugs

Another photo series on wild sex (or insect pornography). These are photo of leave bugs caught on my camera having their private moments.

Borneo bugs mate every time and you just need to have a closer look at those little leaves in the bushes or dead leaves on the jungle floor and you will find them locking together. Spotting them can be difficult at times due to their camouflage colour which is similar with their surrounding.

The photo below however presents a contrasting background with the mating bugs having a bright color of red head, orangery body and wings and with black spots/mark, black belly with white stripes.

Mating bugs on a hibiscus leave, take #1

Mating bugs on a hibiscus leave, take #2

Mating bugs on a hibiscus leave, take #3

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(mira) April 2, 2009 at 6:37 PM  

You made my day. I was looking for some information on these orange bugs. I saw them in the garden in my son's school. Little did I realise that they were two bugs - mating. I thought they were naturally designed like conjoined twins. That's when I decided to google about them and here I am. Now I am sure they were mating :)

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