May 8, 2008

Sarawak Warrior Monument

Sarawak Warrior Monument park which is located next to the Sarawak Museum complex in Kuching is built to honor past multi ethnic warriors of Sarawak namely Datuk Patinggi Ali, Sherip Mashor, Rentap, Rosli Dhobi, Sawing and Liu Shan Bang.

The park is actually build on an old plot of chinese graveyard, so don't be suprise if you stumble upon one of them ( there's lots of them!) while strolling in the park.

At the base of the monument are bronze plaques or murals depicting the local warriors. The Sarawak Warrior Monument was constructed in November 29, 1990

Sarawak Warrior Monument

Datuk Patinggi Ali

Sherip Mashor


Rosli Dhobi


Liu Shan Bang


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