Feb 27, 2008

Flickr limitation

As a free member of Flickr.com, you will only be allowed to upload 200 images to your gallery. As rwsphoto.blogspot.com grows, it has hit the 200 images limit.

There are only three solutions to this problem:
1. Remove some images from the gallery or

2. Create a new account at Yahoo! Mail and sign up with Flickr.com with the new Yahoo! Mail account. For information, Flickr.com is part of Yahoo! stable of companies and Flickr user account management is process through Yahoo! user account.

3. Invest in a domain name and host the images on the new domain.

I choose the 2nd solution and this means, I need to manage two galleries. But that is okay since those images stored in Flickr.com are meant as my images online repository.

Here are my galleries at Flickr.com
* http://flickr.com/photos/richardsinyem - Gallery Full
* http://flickr.com/photos/24039382@N03/

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Juha Ylitalo February 28, 2008 at 2:41 AM  

If you feel flickr is right answer for storing your photographs, I would seriously recommend that you get pro account for yourself. Its only USD25/year. Even your average memory card costs more.

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