Feb 27, 2008

Tropical Butterfly - Junonia Orithya Madagascariensis - Eyed Pansy - Blue Pansy

This 4th series post showcases a tropical butterfly known as Junonia Orithya Madagascariensis with common names such as Eyed Pansy and Blue Pansy.

Close up shot

Blue pansy perched on a grass shoot

For hi-resolution photos, check out my butterfly collection at my Flickr Gallery #1 or Gallery #2.

Junonia Orithya Madagascariensis is from a butterfly family called Nymphalidae. Nymphalidae are brush-footed butterflies include groups such as the browns, milkweeds, snouts, and aristocrats, all of which have previously been classified as separate families. Junonia Orithya Madagascariensis can be found in three regions namely: African region, Oriental (Asia) region and Australian region.

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Flickr limitation

As a free member of Flickr.com, you will only be allowed to upload 200 images to your gallery. As rwsphoto.blogspot.com grows, it has hit the 200 images limit.

There are only three solutions to this problem:
1. Remove some images from the gallery or

2. Create a new account at Yahoo! Mail and sign up with Flickr.com with the new Yahoo! Mail account. For information, Flickr.com is part of Yahoo! stable of companies and Flickr user account management is process through Yahoo! user account.

3. Invest in a domain name and host the images on the new domain.

I choose the 2nd solution and this means, I need to manage two galleries. But that is okay since those images stored in Flickr.com are meant as my images online repository.

Here are my galleries at Flickr.com
* http://flickr.com/photos/richardsinyem - Gallery Full
* http://flickr.com/photos/24039382@N03/

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Feb 23, 2008

Tropical hairy black and white stripped caterpillar

Tropical hairy black and white stripped caterpillar with red head.

Hairy black and white red head caterpillar munching flower petal.

Hairy black and white caterpillar with red head.

Photo taken behind Jacky Studio, Kuching.

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Feb 18, 2008

Tropical Transparent Fish - Glass Fish - X-Ray Fish

Below are photos of tropical freshwater transparent fish or glass fish. Not exactly transparent but the fish bones are clearly visible. This means, technically it not a see-through fish.

The transparent fish in the photos below probably lacks black pigment, called "nacre". It's exact species is unknown but my guess is that is an X-ray fish - Pristella maxillaris.

Cropped photo of freshwater X-ray fish

Photo of freshwater X-ray fish

Photo of freshwater X-ray fish

For more hi-resolution photos, check out my Flickr Fish Gallery.

Photo taken at Sarawak Museum Aquarium.

Other type of transparent fish: Zebrafish

Some transparent fish such as the
see-through zebrafish are use by scientists and researchers to directly view its internal organs, and observe processes like tumor metastasis and blood production after bone-marrow transplant in a living organism.

Other type of transparent fish: icefishes

The icefishes (or white-blooded fishes) are a family (Channichthyidae) of perciform fish found in the cold waters around Antarctica and southern South America.

Their blood is transparent because they have no hemoglobin and/or only defunct erythrocytes. Their metabolism relies only on the oxygen dissolved in the liquid blood, which is believed to be absorbed directly through the skin from the water. This works because water can dissolve the most oxygen when it is coldest. In five species, the gene for myoglobin in the muscles has also vanished, leaving them with white instead of pink hearts.

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Feb 7, 2008

Flat-back Tractor Millipede - Polydesmid

Photos of black and white flat-back tractor millipede crawling on jungle floor. This millipede belongs to the Polydesmid invertebrate species and have around 25 legs on one side.

This flat millipede is quicker than the round millipedes but still eats the same foods including rotten wood and dead leaves.

For hi-resolution, click on my Flickr Gallery: Millepede

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