Jun 16, 2007

White Mushroom, Crepidotus applanatus

This morning, I brought my kids to an agriculture outlet called "Disiniland Argolet". An Agrolet is like an agricultural theme park, or someone's really huge backyard. Anyway, Disiniland Argolet (not Disneyland, ya) is located somewhere at Kpg. Segedup, off Jln. Batu Kawa, Kuching. The sole purpose of going there was horse ride and boat ride for my kids.

As for me, the only subject that attract my attention there was a cluster of white big mushrooms sticking out from a semi-dead tree. I think those mushrooms is no older than 48 hours old. Yeah, wild mushrooms grow very fast. See the image above.

I think the above mushrooms is of genus "Crepidotus applanatus" or "Pleurotus ostreatus".

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