Nov 8, 2010

Red Powder Puff Flower - Sensitive Briar

Close up photo of tropical red Powder Puff Flower or Sensitive Briar. On a closer look, Powder Puff flower look like a Mimosa Pudica flower.

Powder Puff Flower - Sensitive Briar

Calliandra haematocephala is a fast growing shrub that can grow tall but also spreads wide. If desired it can be kept smaller by trimming. Interesting enough the leaves close at night.

The buds before the flowers open look like raspberries. This large shrub can
be grown indoor if trimmed and grown in a pot but it will be best if you can grow it outside in a warm climate.

Powder Puff Flower - Sensitive Briar

Powder Puffs come in white as well. Power Puff originated from Bolivia.

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